EPIC Perth Archery Tag Events!

Have you ever played Paintball? How much does it hurt when your mate hits you in the back? What about the added cost of constantly having to buy more paintballs?

Archery Skirmish takes all the best bits of paintball minus the immense pain and cost. You still get that real battle feel with the adrenaline pumping and ultimate bragging rights at who’s the best shot.

Immerse yourself in adrenaline filled battle modes equipped with our easy to shoot bows and foam tipped arrows. With protective bunkers, arm guards and face masks, the foam tipped arrows do not leave lasting bruising or injuries yet give you that real battle experience.

Whether it’s a birthday party, bucks party or team building day, Archery Skirmish is sure to leave a lasting impression on all the players.

Being fully mobile, we can set up at most local Perth parks, indoor sports courts…even your backyard if its large enough.

No previous archery experience is required as our Game Referee’s walk you through the entire process. Once you feel like Robin Hood, enjoy the various game modes we have to offer.

If you’re wanting to prove your skills, send us a message with the contact form on the right and let us organize Perth next Archery Skirmish game for you.

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what makes our arrow tag events different!

We bring archery tag to you

Forget hiring expensive venues. We can set up at most of the local parks and indoor courts around Perth making it easy and avoiding unnecessary travelling. See our FAQ’s for suitable playing surfaces.


With all the necessary protective equipment supplied, our non-lethal foam tipped arrows will let you know when you’ve been tagged but not enough to cause damage.

Adrenaline Action

Non-lethal does not equal boring. Our various battles modes are adrenaline packed and will make you feel like you are in a real archery skirmish.

Dedicated Arrow Tag Game Referee

Every Archery Skirmish booking comes with a dedicated game referee to show everyone how to safely use the equipment and manage the various battle modes

Easy to shoot bows

Our bows come with a unique design making it very easy for beginners to use. Once loaded, the arrow cannot fall down and is placed nicely in the center ring.

Fully insured/WWCC

We’ve got full $20 million public liability insurance so there won’t be any issues with councils or OHS requirements for workplaces and schools.

archery skirmish archery tag games are great for...

Birthdays Parties

Suitable for ages 12 and above, Archery Skirmish is a wicked idea for your  birthday party.


Perfect for Reward Days or Staff Wellbeing Days. Archery Skirmish uses teamwork and keeps the kids active.

Bucks Parties

Archery Skirmish is the perfect adrenaline activity with the lads. Find who’s the best shot for ultimate bragging rights.

Team Building

If you need something different to try for some office team building fun, Archery Skirmish is awesome as its non-lethal so everyone can get involved.

The Best Archery Skirmish
Experience in Perth

Our Services

Being a family-run style business, we want to keep our prices low and ensure you get a great customer experience

The beauty about Archery Skirmish is we are fully mobile and service the entire Perth, Joondalup and Mandurah regions. We’ll arrive earlier, set up all the bunkers and have the equipment ready so when you arrive, its all systems go.

10 Bows


2 Hour Hire

10 – 14 players

What’s Included

  • 10 Bows
  • Game Referee
  • Arrows + Inflatables
  • Face Mask +
    Arm Guards
  • Pre Battle Training
  • Interactive
    Battle Modes

Awesome Extras:

to keep everyone entertained

Extra Bows$25/bow
Extra Game Time$100/Hour
Big Bullseye
Click to Enlarge
From $100
Giant Bullseye
Click to Enlarge
From $150
Pool Soccer
Click to Enlarge
From $150

Please note: additional venue hire and council park fees may apply. There is a small fee for bookings more than 20km from the CBD

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About us

After being in the Bubble Soccer business since 2016, we stumbled upon the Archery Skirmish concept and tried it for ourselves. We were in love.

It was action packed and got everyone working together. It gets the heart racing and blood pumping.

We’ve kept our same great low prices and friendly service making it affordable for everyone to enjoy.

We’d love for you to try it out and let us know what you think.

See you on the battlefield


Aashay & Tommy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you cheaper than the rest of the Archery Skirmish providers in Perth?

Being a family-owned style business, we want to make the activity affordable so everyone in Perth can enjoy it. You get the same great service and a stress-free booking experience.

Who can play and is it dangerous?

We have a minimum age of 12 years and above. With all the protective gear we provide, and non-lethal foam tipped arrows, they do not leave any bruising or lethal damage.

Where can you play Archery Skirmish?

Archery Skirmish can be played at most local parks around Perth and indoor sports courts. We require roughly a tennis court sized playing area.

Do I have to organize a venue?

Venue organisation is up to the client. We recommend you get in touch with the council to ensure there are no social sports or park maintenance scheduled for the day of the booking. If you are stuck, feel free to contact us.

What do I have to bring?

We provide all the equipment required to play the game, just bring yourself. Players should bring a water bottle to hydrate.

What should I wear?

We advise comfortable sporting attire: t-shirt, shorts and runners. Players are asked to remove any loose items of jewellery that may cause damage or injury.

Do I need previous archery experience?

Absolutely not. Our Game Referee’s will teach everyone and the start of the session on how to use the bows and arrows. There is around 15 mins of practice/training time before the various game modes so everyone is comfortable

What happens if it rains?

Full refunds are offered. Contact us to get the full terms and conditions.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. We are fully insured to the sum of $20 million public liability.

Have any more questions? Contact us and we'll answer them for you!

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